The holiday season brings joy and cheer, but it also brings reports of a strange character trespassing on properties across the world. There are reports every year of a man and his exotic pets traversing roofs late at night on December 24th into the early morning of the 25th. Some say he is a “Saint” but to attorneys he is a legal nightmare. Here are just a few ways this character can cause a lawsuit.


Falling Off The Roof

Roofs are usually covered in ice and tend to be very slippery in late December. Walking on them can be exceptionally dangerous and not something you would normally expect to happen in the middle of the night. Especially when not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. An experienced attorney can classify this person as a “trespasser” and not a “guest” on your property in the event this character sues you.

You May Be Injured by This Character

When this character trespasses, it sometimes comes with a startling, loud sound. People report noises described as a “clatter” and spring from their bed to see what was the matter. Sometimes in the confusion, people have fallen and injured themselves. He has been a tough person to track down, so you may want to ensure you have the proper coverage on your homeowner’s insurance to cover any medical expenses.

Stuck in Chimney

This may sound crazy, but this character uses a chimney to trespass into the home. Scientists still haven’t been able to find out how it’s possible, but they are continuing to work on it. It is especially puzzling because the people who have witnessed this trespasser described him as a large man with a “round belly like a bowlful of jelly”. If he gets stuck, an attorney like Joseph C. Lane can make sure the intruder is responsible for the cost to remove him and repair the chimney.

Chokes on or Is Allergic To Food The Character Steals

This “chubby and plump” robber tends to only steal odd items. He takes bites of cookies and sips from glasses of milk. In the event he chokes or is allergic to any of the ingredients, you could be vulnerable in a lawsuit. Make sure you leave a list of ingredients and consent form next to the cookies and milk. This will help your argument in the event of a court case.

Exotic Pets Cause Damage To Property

There are reports that this red suited intruder brings exotic pets onto properties as well. They have been described as very big deer with large antlers.  If these animals break windows or damage roof shingles, someone should be held accountable. Some people have put homemade signs on their lawn declaring “NO EXOTIC ANIMALS PERMITTED” but they have been described as “Grinches” by most neighbors.


Even though this character has been entering homes without permission, he always leaves more behind than he takes. It is of this attorney’s opinion that it’s best to avoid litigation with this character. Besides, issuing a warrant to the North Pole is incredibly difficult!